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3 House Hunting Rules: Homes for Sale in Denver

Sifting through real estate listings can become tedious and time consuming, but is a necessary evil in today’s tight real estate market. As soon as a home comes online, it is quickly snatched up by a new buyer, often for more than asking price. Even though as a buyer it is important to act quickly and be decisive, purchasing a home is a major life event and you can’t always trust the photos online to give you an accurate picture of the property. This is why it is important to schedule showings with your realtor and to visit open houses in the neighborhoods and communities where you are looking to buy. After touring the property and getting a better feel for the layout, room sizes and overall space, you are much better equipped to make the decision on whether to put in an offer. To ease the stress and pressure of the home buying process, we always recommend enlisting a knowledgeable and experienced agent to guide you through the process, but also trust your gut. Here are just a few tips to consider when buying a home:
  1. Make mindful decisions: Make sure to consider all aspects of a home before a purchase. Does it hit all of your “must have” criteria? Can you see you and your family living and spending holidays there? Do you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision? If you can’t answer all of these questions definitively you probably need to do some more research or look elsewhere. Working with a qualified realtor can help make sure you get all the information you need before making this important decision.
  2. Put your best foot forward: In a competitive real estate market sellers often have their choice between multiple different buyers, so it is important to make a good impression on them if you have the opportunity to interact with them. Personal touches mean a lot and having the sellers be able to put a face to the name on paper can help you land your dream home. When speaking with the seller be mindful of making comments on anything in the home that isn’t to your liking or that you would “change”, from the choice of paint color to the style of décor, as this could offend.
  3. Pace yourself: Scheduling back to back showings all weekend may seem like a great idea at first, but touring homes can be exhausting and overwhelming. If you are on a tight schedule and have to run from home to home you might not be taking the time to soak in all of the features of each property, and everything will end up as a big blur at the end of the day. Consider travel time between showings and make sure to pencil in time to grab lunch or a snack at some point during the day. Also, try to schedule just a few showings each day and try to absorb and enjoy the experience – you are looking for your new home, after all!
Your realtor can provide you with the advice to guide you through the process and get you in the home you want. Colorado Home Sales focuses on offering the best tips for clients and always has your best interest in mind over all else. Take a look at some listings and contact Colorado Home Sales before you embark on your house hunting expedition and let the experts guide you.