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Looking at Littleton Real Estate? Top Local Breweries for the Beer Aficionado

May 4, 2016

If you’re looking at homes for sale in Littleton, CO, you may be wondering what other treasures you can find in the town. Littleton is rich in history, but it has plenty of modern places to visit as well. At Colorado Home Sales, we want to showcase the best activities for all types of people interested in moving to Colorado. Here is a list of nine of the best local breweries in Littleton for the beer aficionado in your family!
  1. 38 State Brewing Company
    This brewing company was founded by four friends who got together to make beer simply because they wanted to experiment with their own abilities and figure out if they could make something delicious to drink. They achieved insane success through a stroke of luck and some serious dedication, and now offer 10 specialty brews on tap at their brewery, one of which is sure to be the perfect match for your palate.  
  2. Breckenridge Brewery Farmhouse
    This brewery offers high-quality, fresh beer and homemade food. These simple concepts bring in a host of locals and tourists alike. They aim to provide “balanced, approachable, and interesting hand-crafted beers.” They offer mainline, seasonal, small batch, mountain series, and barrel aged brews. The best part? They offer tours, complete with samples, for a mere $3 a person, and part of the proceeds go to rotating charities. You can bring minors if you wish, but no samples for them!
  3. Locavore Beer Works
    These brewers are committed to keeping their business running on as many local possibilities as they can. They check with neighboring businesses, then neighboring cities, and finally, neighboring states. They will only check internationally if they are certain they cannot find what they need at the quality they need it in the mostly-local scene. They have flagship brews, seasonal/rotational brews, and twelve of their own brews on tap and their location. They’re a company with a real commitment to supporting the local economy and they make delicious beer. What more could you want in a brewery?
  4. Living the Dream Brewing
    Let’s start with the best part of this brewery and its taproom: they allow dogs. We all want our furry friends with us as often as they can be. This is a great place if you are a dog-lover and beer-lover! They have ten of their finest brews on tap, and nearly all of their beers are gluten-reduced, with the exception of wheat beers. They also host all kinds of events, so be sure you check out their calendar once you fall in love with the place.
  5. Saint Patrick’s Brewing Co.
    This brewing company focuses on lagers, and they have some of the best! They describe their brews as “deep, complex, very flavorful, balanced, and smooth.” What doesn’t sound good about that? They aim to educate both fellow brewers, present and prospective beer consumers, and their guests about the history, present, and future of craft brewing. They keep ten of their unique brews on tap at all times. Here’s one more cool thing: they have an upcoming competition for home-brewed beers. Take that opportunity to show off!
  6. Three Freaks Brewing
    This brewing company has interesting roots, having been founded by a career firefighter after his retirement. They focus on small-batch beers, and love striving to find the next great brew to serve up to their guests. They have 8 current tap and cask beers available to visitors. They will give you beer to go also - obviously not in an open container.
  7. Wit’s End Brewing Co.
    This brewery regularly holds tastings. They are another brewery focused on small-batch brewing only so they can come up with great new flavors as the inspiration strikes that master brewer. They brew a simple one barrel of beer at a time, and each brew is literally handcrafted, with no big, fancy machinery anywhere in sight. They have five core beers, and seventeen beers they consider experiments, showcasing only occasionally - sometimes only once. Catch their unique beers while you can at a host of local restaurants and stores!
  8. Spangalang Brewery
    The proud brewers at Spangalang Brewery tend to keep their beers to themselves, and only serve them in their own taproom. They pride themselves on quality, and especially freshness, so they want to serve it the way it’s meant to be served - their way, proper handling and all. They currently have seven beers on their menu. That’s plenty for you to try, right?
Yes, for the beer aficionado there is plenty to discover in the Littleton area. Looking to expand your palate a little? Check out Colorado state website's best beer, wine, and distillery tours. There are plenty of reasons that you should check out homes for sale in Littleton, Colorado, and these great breweries are just one of many reasons. It's a wonderful place to live!