What to Consider When Buying Newly Constructed Homes For Sale in Littleton CO

Many homes for sale in Littleton CO were built over the last several decades, but there are also a lot of homes on the market that are newly constructed. Buying a home that has just been built can be different than buying a home from its previous owner. If you’re looking at newly constructed homes, make sure you follow these tips:

Research the builder.
No one has ever lived in these homes before, so you can’t ask the previous owner questions about the quality of construction. But, you can research the builder online to find more information. Ask your agent to check and see if there are any Better Business Bureau complaints about the builder. You should also talk to the agent about what kind of reputation the builder has in the community. Builders typically build homes in multiple neighborhoods within one city, so your agent may have experience selling the builder’s homes.

Learn about the homeowners’ association.
You should never make an offer on a newly constructed home without learning more about the homeowners’ association for the neighborhood. The HOA ensures that all homeowners follow certain rules, but some associations are much more restrictive than others. For example, let’s say you want a basketball hoop in your front yard, but the HOA does not allow it. In this case, you will have to decide which is more important to you: the home or your plans to play basketball with your kids. See 9 things you need to know about homeowners’ associations.

Ask about warranties.
If a home is newly constructed, the builder will most likely offer you some sort of warranty. It’s important to ask the builder if you can review the fine print of the warranty prior to making an offer. You and your agent should determine what is and what is not covered under the terms of the warranty so you are fully informed before making an offer. You should also ask the builder about manufacturer warranties on the appliances that were installed in the home. For example, the manufacturer of your refrigerator and dishwasher should provide you with a warranty to cover repairs for a certain period of time.

Don’t skip the inspection.
Buyers often make the mistake of thinking a newly constructed home does not need an inspection. They assume that there won’t be any problems since everything was just built—but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. You should always get an inspection before closing on a home, regardless of when the home was built. You never know if the home has serious structural issues or if mold is hiding in the walls. Let an inspector do the digging for you so you don’t run into trouble after moving into your new home.

Now that you know what questions to ask when looking at homes that were recently built, it’s time to find a home within your budget! Our agents can help you find the home of your dreams without breaking the bank. Contact us at 720-220-2059 to talk to the experienced real estate agents at Colorado Home Sales today.
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