Listing Photos for Lakewood Homes For Sale

Have you ever heard of the old expression “first impressions are the most lasting”? It simply means that people tend to make a judgment on something based on their first impression of it. In real estate, this usually means that potential buyers will immediately determine what they think of your home based on your listing photos. Because listing photos of Lakewood homes for sale can make or break the sale, it’s important to make sure you use the perfect pictures. Here’s how you know your agent has nailed your listing photos:

Your home looks clean.
Buyers don’t want to see your personal belongings scattered everywhere in the listing photos, so make sure your kids’ backpacks, dog’s food bowl, and all other items are removed before your agent takes the pictures. Everything in your home should also look clean and orderly. This means your throw blanket should be perfectly folded and placed across the top of couch, your rugs should be vacuumed, and your windows should be spotless. If your home doesn’t look this way in your listing photos, it may be time to ask for a reshoot. Learn about staging for listing photos.

The images are clear.
Buyers want to get a clear shot of your home, so if the pictures you have are blurry, you shouldn’t post them online. Why? Not only does it make it hard for buyers to see what your home looks like, but it also gives off the impression that you and your agent are not serious about selling your home. Even worse, it could make buyers think you are trying to hide something by taking photos that are out of focus.

You’re showing unique amenities.
Do you have a beautiful pool and hot tub in your backyard? This is appealing to many buyers on the market, so it’s imperative that this is included in your listing photos. Go through your home and identify every unique amenity you think your home has to offer. Do you have a Jacuzzi style tub? A spacious pantry? An outdoor kitchen? These are all sought after amenities. Then, make sure each of these amenities is clearly shown in the listing photos so buyers get a true sense of what it’s like to live in your home.

The room is naturally lit.
Natural light is the most flattering when it comes to real estate listing photos, so it’s recommended that your agent take photos of your home on a sunny day when the light is streaming through your windows. Be sure to pull the curtains back and turn on the lights inside as well to really brighten the picture and make your home look more vibrant and full of life.

Now that you know the ins and outs of listing photos, it’s time to contact an agent who can help you sell your home! Our agents can guide you through every step of the sales process. Contact us at 720-220-2059 to talk to the experienced real estate agents at Colorado Home Sales today.
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