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Tips for Downsizing When Searching for Homes for Sale in Highlands Ranch, CO

October 19, 2016

Many people across the country are moving into smaller spaces. This trend has even inspired many to move into tiny homes! While you might not be looking for tiny homes for sale in Highlands Ranch, CO, you might consider downsizing. It can be refreshing to purge items and furniture that isn’t needed. Plus, you will spend less time cleaning a smaller home and therefore have more time for activities that add value to your life. As you consider downsizing, here are some benefits and tips to searching for a smaller home:

What can stay, what can go?

A downsize is a great time to determine which items just take up space in your home. It’s best to start preparing for your downsize as soon as you have made the decision. This will give you and your family plenty of time to start eliminating things you do not need. If weather permits, go old school and have a yard sale to sell unwanted items. You can also use craigslist to reach a bigger market. Your old clothes can be donated to Goodwill or other local shelters or organizations. If you have appliances, furniture, cabinetry or other items, you can contact Habitat for Humanity’s Restore  to schedule a pick up.

Prepare rooms and furniture

When downsizing, it is important to pay attention to room sizes. Once you find the home you would like to move into, it is important to get dimensions of all the rooms. From there, evaluate what furniture you currently own may not fit. Open floor plans are a great way to ensure much of your living room furniture fits in seamlessly. If some of the rooms in a potential new home are small, make sure they are bright. If the paint color is dark or heavy on dark patterns, paint the walls a lighter color. Small rooms that are lighter appear larger and will not feel cramped. In the kitchen, many choose open shelving rather than cabinets to keep the kitchen appear more open.

Organizing and Storage

When downsizing, you may have a lot of items you need, but do not need access to on a regular basis. If your new home doesn’t have storage, consider investing in a small shed that you can put in a backyard that you can add storage too. You can also find a local storage unit facility near the home too. This is great for seasonal decorations, tools, off-season clothing and more. For organizing, make the most of your smaller home. For instance, if you have stairs, make use of the space under the stairwell. Also, if you have to purchase new furniture, look for items that serve dual purpose. Such as tables that contain storage. Need an office? Find a nook within the new home that you can add a desk. Another option is to take a small closet and add a small desk to work in.

When looking for a new and smaller home, Colorado Home Sales will help you find the perfect one that fits your goals. Selling your home? Learn even more ways to inexpensively increase the value or your Highlands Ranch real estate. Call us at 720-220-2059 to find the perfect smaller home!