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Types of Architectural Styles when Looking at Highlands Ranch Real Estate

Highlands Ranch is a beautiful area just south of Denver. It’s home to nearly 20 parks and several other outdoor trails and activities, this is a great place to move to. When looking for Highlands Ranch real estate, there are a variety of architectural styles available. Many know what type of home they want while others are open to new ideas.
  • Colonial Revival: The colonial revival architectural style is one of the most common and classic styles of home. Typically, these symmetrical homes have a front door that is in the center of the home, with first floor windows evenly on both sides. Additional floor windows are aligned with the first floor. Many think of this style similar to a cottage. It often has a brick exterior with a walkway that starts at the front door. Colonial revival styles usually have sunrooms or side porches but not in the front. The roof of these homes has a medium pitch and in some cases, have pillars in the front.
  • Victorian: Victorian style homes are beautiful with much character. These homes usually have at least two floors and have a wood or stone exterior. These home often are painted unique colors to give them personality and character. In addition, their exterior also has a detailed trim. Many love this style of home with the mystery and beauty it brings. To add to its character, this home style has a steep roof.
  • Craftsman: Many love craftsman style home, with its wide features. The roof design of this style has a lower pitch and they are usually one to one and a half stories tall. They often have very large front porches with entrances in the front and on the side. The exterior of these homes is typically wood or stone providing it with much character. Front porches have top to bottom columns providing for a grand entrance.
  • Prairie Style: One of the quickest ways to identify a prairie style home is its exterior. These wide homes usually have flat or low roofs that have an overhand. These homes are usually one to three stories. A popular way this style is described is linear. There are many straight lines within these homes. Prairie style homes have many small windows all along the front and sides. The porches of these homes are memorial, often wide and very grand. Overhands are very popular. They also have a chimney near the center of the home that adds a final touch to this home style’s curb appeal.
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