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Affordable Highlands Ranch Real Estate is Not the Only Reason to Move to the Denver Metro Area

July 27, 2016

Are you considering moving to the Denver metro area? It’s the city-meets-adventurer hot spot for singles and families, alike. Want to white-water raft or ski during the day then enjoy a local microbrew, some great music, or hit a club at night? Denver’s your huckleberry. From amazing restaurants, trendy bars, and a thriving music scene, to modern high-rises that overlook the Rockies, you shouldn’t discount the Mile High City. And when you get ready to look at Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lakewood, Englewood, and Centennial real estate in the metro area, we are your local, go-to experts to get you the home you have always wanted.

Even the Huffington Post calls Colorado the most magical state. We famously boast of our abundance of sunshine – even in the winter. We record over 300 days of sunshine a year. It doesn’t rain much, and lots of folks like the low humidity. What rain we do get is concentrated in about one month of our “rainy season.”

There are tons of outdoor activities to participate in and most folks complain of having a tough time coming back inside – winter and summer. We have lots of wide open flat spaces – as well as mountains – for hiking, biking, skiing, horses, paragliding, walking, snowshoeing, river rafting, and skateboarding. From running in Wash Park to skiing Loveland, Winter Park, Vail or many of the other resorts that are only a short drive away, it is simply a gorgeous place to live.

Most people here are very active. And we are one of the healthiest states, according to national studies. If you are single, note that due partly to the several Universities here, we have a plethora of single people here too. The Denver area offers every kind of free public-park option there is: dog parks, skate parks, bike parks, walking parks, grassy parks, gay parks...and, above all, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.

There is great music here – both low-key locals and major international artists on tour. We love our bars, and the restaurants are varied and many. There is a huge dance scene here too – from blues dance, salsa, ballroom, to Argentine tango – you name it; we’ve got it. The Front Range is on the front line of this country's beer production also, frequently clocking in at number one for craft beer. And Colorado is the only state whose governor got his start in the public eye as a bar owner. If you are looking for a city big enough to have a pretty decent night life but small enough that it retains a really laid back attitude, Denver is definitely a good choice.

At Colorado Home Sales, we are ready to assist you in your home purchase in the Denver area. And whether you are buying, selling, or renting, we are your local, one-stop real estate company. Feel free to reach out to us to consult about your Denver Real Estate needs. Contact us today at 720-220-2059.