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How to Get Your Lakewood Real Estate Ready to Sell

August 17, 2016

Buyers pay a premium for a home that is in move-in condition; so once you decide to sell your home, make sure it is ready. We are providing you with this checklist to help get your home looking its best for the sale. Not only will you be proud to show your Lakewood real estate, you will also increase its value.

Having an inspection done and all the corrections taken care of before you get offers shows the buyer that you are a conscientious homeowner. This will increase your credibility, as well as remove the buyer's opportunity to re-negotiate after his or her own inspection, because after a buyer inspection is usually when they will try and re-negotiate the price due to any problems found.

Additionally, use the following selling home checklist as your guide:
1. Take a close, impartial look at your home's windows – inside and out – and repair or replace any cracked or broken panes. Replace torn or bent screens, and as a last resort, simply remove them entirely, because it's better to have no screens than to have unsightly ones. Some homes will have unsightly holes, inexpertly patched drywall, and unpainted areas where past curtain rods have been installed and then removed. So make sure drapery rods and blinds are affixed firmly to smooth, unmarred, properly repaired walls.

2. Check to see that all doors open and close freely. Lightly oil any squeaks. Tighten all hardware – particularly doorknobs. Also tighten hardware on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, too.

3. Just as painting the exterior will pay dividends out of all proportion to the time and effort spent, painting indoors will reap benefits too. Wallpaper should be clean and adhere smoothly to walls. Re-adhere any rolled-out corners and edges.

4. Inspect your floors and repair or replace missing or damaged pieces of tile and grout; have your grout professionally cleaned if needed. Consider refinishing wood floors if they show lots of wear or age. Also consider not fixing wood floor wear if a true "distressed" look is possible, as that look is trending right now. Repair all loose stair tread plates or loose carpeting on a stairway – not only due to its unsightliness, but also due to safety issues.

5. Professional steam cleaning is the best answer for soiled carpets. If pet odors are present, clean the carpet some time before your home is placed on the market, because carpet cleaning for pet odors can often make them worse for the first few days after the cleaning – especially until the carpets dry completely.

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