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What Buyers Should Know About Highlands Ranch Real Estate Open Houses

December 7, 2016

Are you searching for your dream home on the Highlands Ranch real estate market? As you explore the many homes on the market, you may find yourself attending a number of different open houses with your realtor. Open houses are a great opportunity to learn more about a listing—that is, if you know what to do once you’re there. Next time you have plans to attend an open house, make sure you know what to do by following these tips:

Pay attention to other buyers

Watch other people as they come in and look around the home. How are they responding? If they quickly look around and then leave without talking to anyone or asking for more information, they’re clearly not interested in the listing. If everyone is doing this, you probably won’t have much competition if you decide to make an offer. But, if groups of people are lingering around for the chance to talk to the listing agent, you’re probably going to face a bit of competition once you make an offer. See a buyer's guide to open house etiquette for more information.

Bring a notebook

If your agent is planning on taking you to multiple open houses within one day, bring a notebook with you. Write notes at each open house that you attend so you can remember the pros and cons of each home. This will help you keep track of everything later when you sit down with your realtor to discuss what you liked and hated.

Look for hidden problems

Sellers will attempt to show their home in the best light possible during an open house, so they may go out of their way to hide water damage, chipped paint, or carpet stains. If you can, try to look for these signs of damage without the seller or the seller’s agent seeing you. Peek underneath strategically placed carpets to look for carpet stains, or behind artwork on the walls to see if it’s hiding a bad paint job. Although these problems can be easily fixed once you move in, you should still know about them prior to making an offer so you can estimate how much you will need for minor repairs.

Talk to the agent

As a buyer, you won’t have much face time with the seller’s agent, so you should take advantage of it during an open house. Approach the seller’s agent with your own realtor and ask the hard questions. Find out what the seller’s motivation is for listing the home, and whether any offers have already been made. You should also figure out just how motivated the sellers are to move so you have a better idea of whether they will be willing to take a lower offer.
Now that you know what to do during an open house, it’s time to connect with a real estate agent who can help you on your journey to find your dream home. Contact us at 720-220-2059 to talk to the experienced agents at Colorado Home Sales.