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How to Get a Good Deal on Homes for Sale in Highlands Ranch Co

February 15, 2017

Buyers and sellers tend to be more active in the spring and summer, which has led many people to believe this is the best time to buy a home. Although spring and summer are known as the busier seasons for the real estate market, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a deal during the “off-season.” In fact, sometimes you can get even better deals on homes for sale in Highlands Ranch Co during this time. How? Follow these tips:

Get ready to negotiate.

Sellers won’t have as many buyers knocking down their doors in the off-season, so they may be more willing to negotiate. Unless your real estate agent advises you otherwise, be prepared to negotiate for the deal you want if you find your dream home. You will probably be able to make an offer that is less than the listing price, but you still should avoid submitting a low ball offer that will offend the seller. Don’t make too many concessions upfront—you may not have to since the market is far less competitive during these quiet months.

Choose an agent who is ready to work.

Agents are used to slowing down during the winter, so they may have scheduled time off or planned to take a little breather from work until spring. If you want to get the deal done before the snow on the ground melts away, find an agent who is ready to work with you throughout the off-season.

Let them move after the holidays.

Even the most motivated seller who is anxious to make a deal during the winter will not want to move out of his home during the holidays. If you can, be flexible and allow the seller to stay put until the holiday season is over. The seller will appreciate your flexibility, and when you have a good relationship with the seller, the entire process runs much more smoothly.

Ask for a home warranty.

Every buyer should understand the importance of a home inspection. An inspector can find issues with the home that you may not be aware of so there aren’t any surprises once you move in. It’s recommended that you always request an inspection prior to closing, however it may be difficult to get this done during the winter. Inspectors may not be able to see the roof, air conditioning unit, and other parts of the home because of snow and ice. To protect yourself, talk to your agent about asking the seller to include a home warranty in the deal. Home warranties will cover you in the event that you have problems with the heating and cooling system, kitchen appliances, plumbing, or electric after you move in. What is a home warranty? Find out here.

Are you ready to buy a home even though it’s the real estate “off-season”? Our agents can help you find the home of your dreams regardless of the time of year. Contact us at 720-220-2059 to talk to the experienced agents at Colorado Home Sales.